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Chiropractic Care
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We provide advanced spinal correction utilizing “state of the art” chiropractic techniques. Never in the history of chiropractic have we been able to provide the level of help and expertise that now exists. These newer correction methods are even safer, more comfortable and more effective than ever before.

Massage Therapy
Examination of symptoms using latest technologies
Posture usually refers to the position or bearing of the body, meaning how you hold your body when you stand, sit or move. Poor posture creates extra stress on your spine and chronic muscle tension. When you don’t hold your body up correctly with good posture, your back muscles are supporting your upper body instead of the bones in your spine. This causes muscle tension and pain.

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Acupuncture is a system of healing which has been practiced in China and other Eastern countries for thousands of years. Acupuncture is particularly useful in resolving physical problems related to tension, stress, and emotional conditions. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes the use of acupuncture for the treatment of a wide range of medical problems.
Physical Therapy
Evaluation and treatment of the full range problems
To complement and enhance the healing effects of Dr. Amit specific Chiropractic adjustment treatment, we at Mehta Family Healthcare also provide a wide variety of physiological therapeutic procedures.

Meet our team

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Dr. Amit Mehta – D.C. – Chiropractor

Dr. Amit Mehta has been freeing people from pain for over a decade in his clinic in Encino, CA. As a Chiropractor with experience, our professionals are committed to promoting the health and well being of his patients.

Dr. Sophie Achekian

Dr. Sophie Achekian – Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Dr. Achekian’s experience and expertise help her understand the challenges and stresses of everyday life. She applies her in-depth knowledge of the ancient healing traditions within the context of the modern world to help her patients feel great, have abundant energy and reach their optimum health.


Suzanne Schneider – MPT

Suzanne Schneider M.P.T. has worked throughout the Los Angeles county for many years, and specializes in Geriatric rehabilitation. She has helped people of all ages
restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities.

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