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How to Be a Healthy Vegetarian

It's hard to ignore the evidence mounting against factory-farmed meat: Raising livestock for food is one of the largest contributors to global warming, accounting for 20 percent of man-made greenhouse gases emitted each year. If all Americans skipped their Read more

Why Breakfast Is Important

You've probably heard it said on countless news programs and in countless articles that breakfast is important. And yet, one-fifth of adults are ardent skippers. Many women forgo this vital meal to shave off a few calories in the Read more

Smart Food Shopping

Healthy food choices are important for good health and well-being. Eating well means eating a variety of nutrient-packed foods and beverages from the food groups of MyPlate and staying within your calorie needs. This, combined with choosing foods low Read more

Gym Workouts for Women

The gym is a jungle of shiny weight stacks, clanging dumbbells, and more than a few sleeveless beasts screaming through every rep. Then there's the gridlocked cardio area (um, does anyone enforce the 30-minute-limit-while-people-are-waiting rule?), the dozens of group Read more

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